NEHP Service Solutions


NEHP is a full service provider, furnishing solutions for successful turn-key process utility projects across numerous industries. Our service based solutions simplify projects, saving time and money for our clients. Custom fabrication services from NEHP reduce on-site labor for our customers, increase efficiencies and reduce the exposure to risk for the duration of their project. 
Some of our services include:

2D/3D Design
Our in house design department is fully staffed with full-time design engineers. We are fully equipped to provide our customers with comprehensive design services through your projects duration.

Fluid Delivery Systems
We supply standard and custom utility fluid distribution systems for all types of gas, water and chemical applications.

Process Equipment Install
Our Team atNEHP is specialized at all types of process tool & equipment installation. Modules can be shipped to your site or have NEHP perform on-site installation for a complete turnkey package.

Piping System Installation
NEHP can design, fabricate, test and ship any type of process utility equipment or prefabricated assembly for numerous industries. Our skilled engineers are experienced to deliver your product successfully.

Contract Fabrication
NEHP designs, fabricates, tests and ships a large array of process utility equipment and prefabricated assemblies, for numerous industries, no matter what the intended purpose. Our skilled engineers are experienced in all of these fields.


No matter what your process utility needs, NEHP will provide innovative solutions to meet and exceed your service requirements.