NEHP considers providing a safe environment for the health and welfare of all company employees, subcontractors, and general public to be of the utmost importance. To accomplish our safety goals we have to work together to maintain a safe workplace. It is our priority at NEHP to provide a work environment where health and safety are never compromised. As a company we have safety standards and best practices in place to insure good health. At NEHP, safety is our first consideration and unsafe work practices are never tolerated.

The NEHP Safe Action Plan (SAP) is a comprehensive manual of our company safety program. Our SAP provides assistance and direction for NEHP employees, allowing them to learn standards and best practices needed to contribute to overall safety goals. We provide the tools for our employees take an active role in this process. It is mandatory for all employees to read the SAP and they are expected to live by it. It takes a group effort to maintain a safe workplace and our employees are part of our team.

NEHP has maintained a very good EMR rating. We currently have an EMR rating of 0.83 for 2013. We have NEVER had an OSHA violation. Everyday, we operate from a detailed safety manual and employ the following types of safety actions on a continual basis.


NEHP Safety

Working together, we can maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The cooperation and participation in this program by all of our employees and subcontractors is expected and greatly appreciated.