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Engineered Tool Install Modules

High-tech manufacturers are increasingly focused on optimizing cost, speed and safety of capital equipment installations. But few solutions reduce installation cost without sacrificing quality, safety and serviceability.

NEHP and the Critical Process System Group (CPSG) address these challenges through smarter constructible modular product design. Our engineering services elegantly and efficiently bring pre-fabricated process utilities to capital equipment. We were the first company to introduce modularized process utility construction to the semiconductor industry. Adam Tarr, Critical Process Systems Group Chief Product Development Officer, co-authored a study quantifying the economic and time benefits of modularization. Click here to download.

Why Use Modularization in Tool Hook-Up?

  • Time to installation reduced by 17%-47%.
  • Cost of installation reduced by 10%-20%.
  • Footprint reduced 10%-15%.
  • Improved safety and on-site labor reduced up to 44%.
  • On-site activity reduced by up to 50%, depending on level of modularization.
  • Flexibility and adaptability standardization. Each high-tech installation has unique needs and constraints and we are able to engineer custom hook-up modules based on tested standard platforms.
  • Fewer vendors and suppliers.
  • Modularization and prefabrication building methods inherently encourage Green Building Practices.

With our proven modular products, NEHP has been reducing time, cost and labor requirements for a variety of capital equipment installations on a global basis. Our primary goals on every project are safety, cost and schedule and we look at all limitations to find the best-engineered modular solution for you.

In addition, PPMOF-documented Studies focusing on construction efficiency (in contrast to productivity) have calculated a 25 to 50 percent waste in coordinating labor and in managing, moving, and installing materials (Tulacz and Armistead, 2007); losses of $15.6 billion per year due to the lack of interoperability (NIST, 2004); and transactional costs of $4 billion to $12 billion per year to resolve disputes and claims associated with construction projects (FFC, 2007). This white paper from the Modular Building Institute has additional information.

We have a wide variety of Tool Hook-Up Modules supporting semiconductor tool installation around the world. Our products are pre-manufactured and will be provided just prior to tool installation to provide a fast, low-cost, adaptable alternative to field fabrication.

Advantages of using NEHP include:

  • Leading-edge modeling software to control and limit manufacturing rework within each product or program.
  • Our extensive database archive of past successful modular types promotes fast design and custom modification.
  • Manufacturing of service modules away from the site makes use of skilled labor resources that are not affected by locally escalating labor rates.
  • As modules arrive pre-tested, the QA/QC duration is significantly reduced on site and therefore faster time to market.
  • Our applications team consists of known experts in Tool Hook-Up, Facility Layout, Engineering, and Design. We understand how to design and phase projects to minimize disruption to existing operations.
  • We design our modular tool systems to facilitate equipment replacement, modification and repair.
  • Our teams consist of project management, material ERP systems, shop fabrication engineering, 3-D modeling support, controls, and quality control resources. Our project teams have many years of experience in complex intensive process utilities, from liquid to gas and from low to ultra-high purity. The capabilities of this project team are unsurpassed in the industry.

The NEHP Modularization Process

We understand the time constraints facing companies adding complex, high-tech capital. Over two decades, we have developed a system that maximizes efficiency, while allowing for the customization that each client requires.

  • Our engineers and project managers work with you to understand your needs, constraints and goals, so we can develop the exact solutions you need. We identify multiple hook-up options to minimize unproductive activities for capital installations.
  • Once the optimum tool configuration is achieved, standard modules are developed that can be the basis for the efficient “standard replication” philosophy.
  • We then produce one or more self-contained assemblies, manufactured off-site and under controlled factory conditions, which we then deliver to the jobsite with a minimal amount of remaining fieldwork. Our teams are experts at installation and we are committed to making sure our modules do exactly what the customer needs.

For decades, NEHP has designed, prefabricated, assembled, and shipped modular systems for high-tech manufacturers, providing them the benefits of increased safety, lower cost, faster deployment, and greater reliability. By partnering with fellow Critical Process Systems Group subsidiaries, we are able to do complete design and most fabrication in-house. If your company is planning such a move, we can help.

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